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How to make more effective use of adhesive printing

With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, adhesive printing market continues to expand, trademark, stickers, signs, nameplate market share is increasing, which has brought unlimited business opportunities for adhesive printing. The so-called adhesive printing, is in a certain pressure to ink and other substances by printing plate transfer to the back of pre-coated with a layer of rubber substrate surface process. Compared with ordinary printing, adhesive printing has the following features:

1. Wide application. Not only in food and beverage, daily necessities, household appliances, stationery and educational supplies, but also in the field of commodity circulation price tags and clothing, textiles, medicine, cosmetics and other aspects.

2. Easy to paste. No glue, paste and other adhesives, tear off that stick, very convenient, and the appearance of the goods without any pollution.

3. Durability. Adhesion firm, adhesion flexible, heat and moisture resistant, not easy to aging.

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