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Issues to pay attention to when selecting label materials:

1. For cylinder bottles, especially those with a diameter less than 30MM, be careful in choosing materials.

2, if the label size is too large or too small, should pay attention to the actual test.

3. If the affixed surface is irregular or even spherical, specific considerations are given to the type, thickness and adhesive of the label material.

4, some rough surface such as corrugated carton will affect the labeling, corrugated carton surface light oil will also have an impact.

5. Automatic labeling machine can conduct labeling test if necessary.

6, even if the label is labeled at room temperature, pay attention to whether the export transport and use of high temperature.

7, many water or oil environment will affect the characteristics of adhesive, should pay attention to the label label environment and temperature.

8, soft PVC surface sometimes there will be plasticizer exudation, pay special attention to choose the right adhesive.

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